Sales Aptitude Test

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On this and the following pages there are a number of questions about selling. Each question is followed by four possible answers. Select the one answer which, in your judgment, is the best of the four. It may be that you will not agree completely with any of the answers offered, or more than one answer may appear to you to be the correct. However, you are to select the ONE answer which you considered the BEST of those offered, and mark an X beside that answer. If you are not sure of an answer, guess. Do not leave any questions unanswered.
1) Which one of the following will best aid a salesman in making a sale?(Required)
2) A salesman of heavy machinery has been told during the course of a conversation with the production manager that the company is not afforded to buy his product. The salesman’s best move is to(Required)
3) In selling sewing machines to a clothing manufacturer it will generally serve best to emphasize the saving on which of the following?(Required)
4) A woman has requested a radiator cover firm to send one of their salesmen. Upon his arrival she says she has change her mind. What is the best thing for the salesman to do?(Required)
5) A job dealer has bought up a large number of second hand cameras. He wishes to get rid of them quickly but at a decent profit. Which one of the following groups will probably be the best market?(Required)
6) Which one of the following items sells better in rural districts than in cities?(Required)
7) A prospective customer comes to the stationary department of a store in search of desk accessories advertised in newspapers. After seeing the items as well as others not advertised, the man leaves without having purchased anything? What is the most probable reason for this?(Required)
8) The best thing for a hardware store salesman to do when a prospective customer indicates that he has not decided, what to buy is to(Required)
9) Most of the salesman of a particular soap company re doing better than ever before but George is doing worse. He could probably improve MOST by(Required)
10) In selling baby carriages to dealers=, it would be best to emphasize which one of the following points?(Required)
11) In a large city a telephone directory would be most helpful in selling prospective buyers of which one of the following items?(Required)
12) The same book would sell best under which one of the following titles?(Required)
13) Which one of the following leads will best serve to start a sales interview?(Required)
14) A man enters a clothing store accompanied by his wife. He has tried on a suit that he likes. To help complete the sale, the salesman’s best move is to(Required)
15) Which one of the following will best to improve a salesman’s business?(Required)
16) “Staple” and “specialty” refer to(Required)
17) During the discussion between company’s buyer and a salesman , the buyer has to leave to meet a scheduled appointment. In this instance which one of the following should the salesman do?(Required)
18) In trying to persuade a client to increase the fire insurance on his home which one of the following sales demonstrations would serve best?(Required)
19) Which one of the following is “capital good””?(Required)
20) A salesman is told by an old account that he is too busy to see him that day. In such an instance the best thing for the salesman to do is(Required)
21) Illustrate material is frequently an aid in selling the product. At an initial interview it will best serve its intended purpose if used in which one of the following ways?(Required)
22) Which one of the following population selection methods best serve the door-to-door salesman of encyclopedias?(Required)
23) The salesman who takes orders from retailers usually has another task. Which one of the following is it?(Required)
24) Which one of the following attributes is MOST important in selling brushes door-to-door/(Required)
25) The most difficult person to make a sale to is the(Required)
26) The strongest point in favor of purchasing in large quantities is(Required)
27) The most frequent objection to purchasing life insurance is(Required)
28) The best group to canvass when selling office equipment is(Required)
29) Which one of the following is the best single sales argument in favor of purchasing a home?(Required)
30) Many factors are involved in the price of property. Which one of the following is the most important?(Required)
31) All of the following motivate men to enter the field of selling. Which one is the strongest?(Required)
32) A real estate salesman feels that his approach is not clicking. He decides to change his emphasis. Which one of the following is his best bet?(Required)
33) Your supervisor point out that your sales have been falling off. You should(Required)
34) The person most likely to prove an obstacle in the path of salesman trying to make a contact in a business office is the(Required)
35) Dealer’s sales resistance to nationally advertised products is particularly strong because(Required)
36) Which one of the following statements will best serve the salesman in getting by a receptionist to interview the manager?(Required)
37) What would you do if in cold canvassing a manufacturing plant the receptionist tells you the manager is not seeing salesman today?(Required)
38) What is the sales engineers most important requisite?(Required)
39) You are selling which, if adopted by your prospect, would you mean a change in long established policies. A company executive is favorably impressed, but tells you he will have to talk it over with the other executives. What would be your next step?(Required)
40) You are selling a new type of malt to soda fountains. A customer complains that the last lot attracted insects soon after it was opened and had to be thrown out. What would be your best reply(Required)
41) You are selling canned goods to grocers. Your manager has told you that the prices will go down within two weeks. Which one of the following would be your best move?(Required)
42) Which one of the following approaches would be best for a salesman to use when seeing for the first time a purchasing agent who is known to be a tough customer?(Required)
43) Your firm makes all kinds of paper containers. Mr. Roberts owner of a small soft drink plant, has asked for a representation of your company to call. What would you do when you enter his office?(Required)
44) You are visiting a prospect who voices strong views regarding labor unions. He then asks for your opinions. His views do not agree with yours. What would you do?(Required)
45) You are trying to sell a piece of labor saving machinery to the owner of a large plant. After you have made a convincing presentation, your prospect remarks that adoption of the new method would throw ten of his oldest employees out of work. What would you reply?(Required)
46) You are trying to sell a public address system for use in a factory. After you have used all your sales argument s the prospect is receptive but not quite convince. What would you do?(Required)
47) You are new salesman having your first interview with Mr. Charles, a shrewd and experienced buyer. He asks a question about your product which you are totally unprepared to answer. What would you do?(Required)
48) The most important personal characteristic in a successful salesman is(Required)
49) Which one of the following is the most important to the salesman of complicated equipment?(Required)
50) Which one of the following BEST describes good salesmanship?(Required)

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