HR - Background Check

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Kindly review the contents of this form attentively. Your explicit written consent is obligatory for the advancement of your employment application.

I, the undersigned applicant, hereby grant unequivocal authorization to Vserve Trading ("the Company") to undertake a comprehensive investigation of my background, qualifications, and credentials in relation to my application for employment.
Scope of Investigation

The scope of this investigation may encompass, but is not limited to:
1) Verification of employment history, including examination of pay slips from current or prior employers.
2) Consultation with former employers and professional references.
3) Verification of educational credentials, including academic transcripts.
4) Ascertainment of residential history, including current and previous addresses, and may include site visits for verification purposes.
5) Criminal history and legal standing.
6) Credit history and financial standing.
7) Any other lawful inquiries relevant to my suitability for employment.

List of Persons

Professional References from Previous Employment (At least 2)(Required)
Contact Number
How long have you worked with the respondent?
Character/Personal References (At least 2)(Required)
Contact Number
How long have you known the respondent?


Final Agreement


For the purpose of facilitating this investigation, I have furnished the Company with requisite documents, including but not limited to:
1) Pay slips from previous or current employment
2) Current and provincial residential addresses
3) Any other documentation as requested by the Company
Consent Withdrawal

I acknowledge that I reserve the right to revoke this authorization at any point in time. Should I choose to exercise this right, I comprehend that further proceedings related to my employment application shall cease immediately.

By signing this form, I confirm that I have read, understood, and consent to all the terms and conditions stated herein.
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