Total MCO 2T 200mL

Fully synthetic gasoline engine oil developed to cover the most stringent requirements of modern engines with turbocharger, multi-valves, and direct injection system. Original, authentic, genuine engine oil distributed by Vserve-Trading, official distributor of fuel and lubricants for Total Energies in the Philippines


TOTAL 2T MCO is formulated to give good lubrication and protection to all the vital part of the engine. This results in trouble-free performance of the engine between recommended drain intervals.

  • 2-stroke oil for motorcycle and tricycles.
  • Can be used in engines with auto-lube system or mixed according to OEM recommendations.
  • Provides good lubrication and protection.
  • Prevents wear, corrosion and carbon build-up.
  • Minimizes power loss due to exhaust port and system blocking.


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