Total Hi-Concentrate Radiator Coolant Long Life 1L (1 Liter)


Concentrated coolant for maximum cooling and guaranteed protection of cooling system of gasoline and diesel engines. Original, authentic, genuine coolant distributed by Vserve-Trading, official distributor of fuel and lubricants for Total Energies in the Philippines.

  • Does not contain any Amine, Phosphate, Silicate, Nitrite and Borax
  • Is effective over at least 240,000 km (3000 hours) for use in cars, light trucks and heavy duty vehicles and industrial internal combustion engines
  • The electro-chemical action of the organic inhibitors, never consumed during the drain period, extends material life and guarantees a maximum cooling of the engine
  • No effect on rubber hoses, plastic or original vehicles finishes
  • Provides anti-rust and corrosion protection for metals used in cooling systems, cast iron, aluminium, steel brass, etc
  • Good stability in hard water with excellent boiling point against overheating


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