Bosch Spark Plugs

Bosch makes history in spark plug development:
Since 1902, Bosch has set the standard in spark plug technology with innovative, performance-proven products trusted by original equipment manufacturers worldwide

From motorsport to series production:
Spark plug innovations specially developed for motorsport are incorporated into spark plug production for regular vehicles. In fact they are often perfected furthermore before going into series production for workshops and dealerships.

Engineered for high performance and long life

Broad market coverage

The Bosch spark plug range offers the exact fitting spark plug in original equipment quality Global market coverage of 95% means virtually the right spark plug solution for every engine, gasoline or CNG/LPG

Innovative alloys
Long service life (vehicle manufacturers’ recommended replacement intervals are always met or exceeded) and improved ignition energy transmission Bosch utilizes precious metal alloys that use extremely erosion-resistant materials, such as platinum, iridium, nickel, nickel yttrium and silver

Copper core

Improved consumption, acceleration and corrosion protection
Highly wear resistant electrodes due to nickel and precious metal alloys and highly thermal conductive copper core

Optimized electrode Geometry

Improved cold start ability even with low battery voltage Less ignition voltage required due to apointed, profiled ground electrode and grinded centre electrode which means less fuel condensation (no wetting)

Housing and threads 

Protection of housing against corrosion and thread seizures especially in aluminium cylinder heads for quick and easy spark plug exchange
Nickel-plated spark plug housings and rolled threads as standard in all spark plugs

Innovative laser

Welding technique; Quick fitting Factory-set electrode gap



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