VServe Trading holds its office and operations in a secured compound which has an area of 1 hectare. The compound has a 2-storey office building, an enclosed warehouse (1500 sqm.), and standard overhead and underground tanks.

VServe Warehouse in Cabuyao, Laguna


3,000 Liter Lorry 2 Units

14,000 Liter Lorry 1 Unit

16,000 Liter Lorry 1 Unit

20,000 Liter Lorry 1 Unit

Flat Bed 2 Units

Forward Truck 1 Unit

Closed Van 6 Units

Fork Lift 2 Units


Underground Kerosene Tank 24,000 Liters Capacity

Diesel Tank 14,000 Liters Capacity

Diesel Tank 14,000 Liters Capacity

Diesel Tank 15,000 Liters Capacity

We Provide Expediency

  • Our Vehicles

    VServe Trading maintains the following vehicles for its operations: five (5) tank lorries, nine (9) delivery trucks, two (2) fork lifts

  • Customer Assistance

    Our Professional Sales and Operations Team are always ready to assist all customers for all their requirements such as product's specification, product's technical and safety issues, delivery status and volume discounts.

  • Oil Analysis Services

    Comprehensive report to know the status of your equipment vis a vis your oil's performance.

  • Tank and Pump Repairs

    Overhead Tank and Fuel Pump repairs and maintenance are also offered to customers at a minimal fee.

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